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Having your air conditioner malfunction during a blistering summer heatwave can give you some of the most uncomfortable days and sweaty sleepless nights you can imagine. And while air conditioners are a rugged piece of equipment that can last for many years, they still require some tender loving care if they are to help you survive the summer. 

For this reason, you should have a basic understanding of how to take good care of your air conditioner and of the most common problems that you might encounter along the way. With summers in Trinity becoming as hot as ever, you’ll need to ensure that your air conditioner is up to the task of keeping your home cool and comfortable. No matter how tough your AC unit is, it won’t last nearly as long as it should be if it is not given adequate care and maintenance. With The AC Therapist by your side, you can sleep well amidst the blistering Floridian summers knowing that we got you covered 24-7 with our Trinity AC Repair service.

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Trinity AC Repair and Replacement

Have you ever wondered how it is that your air conditioner can continuously provide your home with cool and comfortable temperatures throughout the blistering summer heat in Florida? It takes many components working together to keep your air conditioning system capable of replacing your hot and humid Florida air with cool, crisp temperature treated air. When your system shows signs of distress, it is usually caused by one of the following common cooling issues.

Water Leakage On Your Indoor Unit: If you see drops of water coming from the side of your air conditioning unit, it could mean that there is a drain line clog, and this is usually caused by the accumulation of dust and filth along the drainage lines. With nowhere left to go, the moisture created by the heat exchange process ultimately overflows, and you see them as leaks on the side of your AC’s indoor unit. 

The easiest way to unclog the drain line would be attaching a shop vacuum to the end of the drain line. Also, pouring a cup of white vinegar or bleach down the drain line every couple of months can help prevent drain line clogs. If that doesn’t work, you should schedule a service from a trusted AC technician. This is why you must keep the air filters of your air conditioner clean.

Thermostat Issues: There are times when you notice that your AC is not running or it seems like it is not blowing any air at all. Before assuming it’s caused by a possible technical problem with your AC unit, it is a good idea first to check your thermostat settings. Beginning with your thermostat could save time, effort, and money wasted on an unnecessary emergency Trinity AC repair call. For example, if you have accidentally placed the setting to “HEAT,” then this means if the room is already warm enough, then your AC won’t run at all. If your thermostat fan setting is set to “ON,” then the blower fan will not stop running. We recommend setting your thermostat to “AUTO .” The job of your thermostat is to monitor the temperature inside your home and run or stop depending on when the desired temperatures have been achieved. 

If, despite the correct setting being established, your AC still functions erratically, then your thermostat may require some calibration or adjustment by a professional. There is also a possibility that your thermostat is already compromised and might need a replacement. It is better to call a professional Trinity AC repair company to help you diagnose the problem.

Refrigerant Levels: One of the most noticeable symptoms here would be that your AC would be blowing warm air. Another problem you might notice once your refrigerant goes down to critical levels is that the evaporator coils will become frozen. It freezes because the reduction in pressure caused by the low refrigerant levels eventually causes moisture in the air to accumulate and become frozen in the coils. Refrigerant circulates all over your air conditioning system, changing states from liquid to gas in a continuous heat exchange process. The refrigerant allows your AC to absorb warm air and then provide cooling as it turns from one state of matter to another. 

The thing with refrigerants is that unlike consumable supplies like ink in printers or fuel for cars, this chemical compound is meant to stay inside your AC and should not be depleted over time. Refrigerants are in a sealed environment inside your AC, and the only time they get exhausted is when there is a leak somewhere within your unit. With your refrigerant levels in decline due to the leak, your AC will gradually lose its ability to cool your house.

At The AC Therapist we perform the best Trinity AC Repair service in the industry. Give us a call at (813) 343-2212 if you need anything. 

The Importance of AC Maintenance:

Most HVAC systems are fitted with filters that serve as the first line of defense against dust and from dirt, allergens, and other airborne particles that can contaminate the clean airflow needed in the heat exchange process of your AC. With continuous use, these filters become overwhelmed with dust and other particles, which in turn cause a significant hampering of the airflow all over the system. With the airflow obstructed by the dirty air filter, this causes problems in the operational efficiency of the air conditioner. What happens is that the AC now has to use greater effort to bring down the temperature of your house, which at the same time uses up even more electricity and also causes undue stress on your AC. Allowing this problem to continue can also branch into other sorts of problems for your air conditioner, ultimately causing its useful life to be shortened significantly.

Keeping your air filters clean is not a very hard thing to do – you just need to make sure you do it regularly. How dirty your air filters become will depend on how often your AC is used and the environment it is operating on. For example, if you have pets in your home, it is very much possible that pet hair or dander will be trapped in the air filters and cause significant blockage in the airflow if not attended to regularly. We recommend you replace your HVAC filter every month at a minimum.

Contact our experienced and trusted Trinity AC repair technicians right away. They will diagnose, assess, and manage the situation to ensure your system is up and running in no time. Call us now at (813)-343-2212, or reach out using our contact page to schedule a free estimate!

Trinity Emergency AC Repair Services

When an air conditioner is not maintained correctly, one of the more common problems that you can encounter is freezing of the evaporator coils. And while it may sound that having something frozen inside your air conditioner is a good thing for keeping your room cool and comfortable, it can cause your AC to do the opposite and instead increase temperature and humidity. Evaporator coils can become frozen because there is an insufficient circulation of warm air to help prevent it from becoming too cold to the point of becoming frozen. When air filters are dirty, air cannot properly go through them and therefore can’t circulate, causing many problems in the process.

A frozen evaporator coil is an emergency AC repair issue because your system cannot complete the heat exchange process with a frozen coil, and your cooling capabilities are disabled until it’s repaired. Depleted amounts of refrigerant in your AC system can also cause evaporator coils to freeze over, usually caused by a leak somewhere in your system. The leak must be located and fixed before refilling the unit with freon. When you see something frozen inside your air conditioner, the best course of action would be to call an HVAC contractor to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Did your air conditioner suddenly break down in the middle of the hot and humid night? At The AC Therapist, we provide 24-7 Emergency Trinity AC Repair services to help ensure that you get your home cool and comfortable in a snap. You can use our convenient online contact portal right now to schedule an appointment.

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