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Palm Harbor is one of Florida’s best spots having sights and sceneries to boast. It is also one of the best places to go for a game of golf, of course!. And after a hot day of golfing in the Sunshine State, cooling off inside by your Air Conditioning is a must and a part of everyday life.

Now, let’s go over the ABCs of your AC.

Palm Harbor AC Repair: Common Problems and DIY Solutions!

Below are some of the most common problems air conditioning unit owners could face either because of lack of proper maintenance or simply because the unit has already passed its time.

Typically, air conditioning units only last around 15 years, give and take. We’ll be offering some common fixes for some of the most common problems and questions air conditioner owners have. However, if you experience all of these problems constantly, it might be time to get in contact with a Palm Harbor AC repair company like us to provide a permanent solution.

  1. Why is my AC not turning on?
    Thermostat – Check and replace your thermostat batteries first. If the problem isn’t there, then check your thermostat’s settings. Circuit Breaker – It is also possible that the circuit breaker tripped, and you might just need to reset it.
  2. Why is my AC not turning off?
    Thermostat – Check to see your thermostat’s set temperature. If it’s too low, this could push the air conditioner to keep running until it reaches this temperature. Fan Switch – If the switch is on manual, then you might have just found the problem. Make sure it is on auto so it would stop once the desired temperature is reached.
  3. Why does my AC keep turning on and off?
    Thermostat – Your thermostat determines if your unit should go on or off. It does this by measuring the temperature around it. If it’s in a place where the temperature constantly changes (e.g., window with direct sunlight), then it will detect these changes and give your unit the signal to go on or off as it deems necessary. Consider relocating your thermostat.

4. Why is my AC not blowing cold air? (Why is my AC blowing hot air?)

  • Circuit Breaker – Again, you might just need to reset your circuit breaker.
  • Dirty Filter or Coils – Most of the time, the problem revolves around a dirty filter or coil. If you haven’t been following through with your maintenance routine, then it might be time to check and replace your filter or clean your coils.
  • Clogged Condensation Drain – If your condensation drain line is clogged, the float switch will automatically stop the AC to prevent water overflow. Make sure to flush the drain line with water or compressed air to remove any clogs. After that, pour some white vinegar or bleach into the condensation line to avoid this happening again.
  • Refrigerant Running Low – Your AC might have a freon leak, if this is the case the leak must be repaired first before adding more refrigerant. Contact a professional Palm Harbor AC repair company today.
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5. Why is my AC leaking freon?

If your AC keeps freezing up or not cooling your house you might have a freon leak. Refrigerant leaks are hard to find, however, a grease stain around the coil or copper lines would indicate a leak. 

To fix a freon leak, you must weld the the copper where the hole is, sometimes this is not possible for most coils, in which case the coil most be replaced. After all holes are sealed, it is time to recharge the unit in accordance to what the manufacturer recommends. Contact a professional Palm Harbor AC repair company for proper diagnosis and repair. 

6. Why is my AC completely frozen up?

Filter – Your AC needs good airflow to operate correctly. A dirty filter restricts airflow which in turn freezes the coils. Change the filter or clean accordingly.
Freon leak — If your AC is low on freon this also causes it to freeze and stop working.

7. Why does my AC have a weird smell?

  • Filter — Your filter is responsible for cleaning all of the air inside of your house. If not replaced monthly or accordingly, it will build up dirt, dust, mold, etc.
  • Dirty Coils — If the filter is not changed regularly, then the coil starts to get dirty. Over time the air quality inside of the house will start to get worse and a weird smell will appear. To fix, make sure to change your filters regularly, do your yearly maintenance to clean your coils, and install a UV light to kill all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi growing in your AC.
  • Burning Smell — If there is a weird burning smell when your first turn on your heater, this is normal for about the first week of usage. If it persists have a professional take a look immediately.

8. Why is my AC making weird noises?

A weird noise could be a hint of another problem. A wheezing sound could mean a refrigerant leak, a rattling noise could mean a problem in the motor, and a buzzing sound could mean faulty electricals. In any case, you should call an expert. 

These are just some of the most common problems and easy solutions you could do yourself. There are a lot of other problems where a DIY solution is just not safe or advisable. If you encounter any other air conditioning problems or can’t fix these on your own, then feel free to give us a call. It’s always a good idea to call an expert Palm Harbor AC repair company, especially if the problem persists. We do Free Estimate!

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