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Living under the seemingly perpetual summer season of Florida can be a blessing with all the fun outdoor activities you can do with friends and family. You can go to the beach, shopping, visit theme parks, dine out, or go golfing.

The summer season can be a curse too, especially if you are at home and the heat starts to become unbearable. You then proceed to turn on the air conditioner, only to find out that it is blowing warm air instead of a cool and relaxing breeze. Or worse, the AC doesn’t even turn on at all!

And now you realize, when was the last time you had your AC unit serviced and maintained by a professional Clearwater AC repair company? If you want to prevent your AC from failing especially during these summer months, then it must be given regular cleaning and maintenance.

It will also be helpful to have a basic understanding of the most common issues and basic troubleshooting of AC units. Read on to learn more!

Water Leaks From The Indoor Unit

If you notice water dripping from the side of your indoor AC unit, the most common cause of this is the buildup of jelly-like substances somewhere on the drain lines, condensate pump, or evaporator pan. 

This problem happens when your AC is not cleaned regularly and dust, dirt, and all sorts of particles accumulate and gets into a relationship with bacteria and other microorganisms, resulting in some slimy mess that ends up clogging different parts of your AC.

The water that is produced by the processes inside your AC is supposed to be drained into the pipelines going outdoors, but with all exits clogged up, it has nowhere to go but on the sides of your AC’s indoor unit. If left unchecked, the slime that clogs your AC can eventually be a serious health hazard.

Now would be an excellent time to get in touch with a professional AC repair company in Clearwater to have your unit properly cleaned and get it back to delivering fresh, cool, and comfortable air.

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HVAC Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is required for your air conditioning system or cool your home. It’s a fluid in your system that is used to help process warm air and produce cool air. Refrigerant is not a consumable liquid. It stays inside your air conditioner to complete the cooling process. If your system has a coolant leak, it’s a sign of a problem. 

The only reason your system would need recharging is if there were a leak in your system. If the refrigerant in your system is depleted, it will cause your air conditioning unit to blow warm air instead of cold air. If you suspect that your HVAC system has a freon leak we suggest that you contact a professional Clearwater AC repair company. 

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